LOOP double-pack

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LOOP – smooth and flexible fastening of your gear in stable, trailer and car.

Perfect for hanging slow feeder net and buckets as well as attaching your bags and luggage so they stand still.

  • Leaves no marks
  • Large, strong and smooth
  • Hang wherever you like
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Hang and anchor your gear smoothly and flexibly.

For the stable, the trailer, car and storage room. Also for the pram, bicycle, handbag and the tent. 

This ultralight and especially designed aluminum carabiner hook will reach around larger bars and handles. The clever strap with loops at each end can flexibly attach around bars, grating and rings wherever you like. Nothing is fixed and all is removable.

A smooth and lightweight carabiner hook can easily attach and detach gently with no harm to your gear nor yourself.
The LOOP can be taken off and on in no time.

The LOOP Flex combination is holding 30 kg.
Black polypropen strap 25 mm width and 40 cm long with a loop at each end.
The carabiner aluminum hook has a great reach of 25 mm in diameter.

Northern Well in Sweden is the designer of these hooks and product line.

Increase and decrease length with multiple combinations of the LOOP Flex
  1. The belt has a loop at each end. Each belt is has a carabiner hook attached.
  2. Attach two beside each other to hook together around larger things.
  3. Make it shorter by fastening the belt around one end and the hook back up towards the start position.
  4. Loop two belts together to make it longer.
  5. LOOP around several bars to shorten.
  6. Put two hooks on one belt.
  7. Stretch the belt from one side to the other to support things to stand up towards the wall.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 25 × 10.5 × 1.25 cm

Orange, Rosa, Silver


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