KEYHUB – clicksystem

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Colorcode your items and keys. Save your nails and find the right key instantly. Ultralight with delicious colors.

  • Easy hook off and click on
  • Color code your keys
  • Keep keys joined
  • Hang and store the KEYHUB
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Keysystem with clicksystem – Rainbow colors now in stock

A new smart way to keep track of your keys!

Ultralight aluminum carabiner hook with three smaller carabiner hooks and keyrings joined which weigh almost nothing. Save your nails and patience!

LOOP Keyhub colorcode you keys so that you can easily find the right one and simply hook it off.
When you are going cycling, jogging or need a single key for your locker there is no need for the big keyhub. A small carabiner hook will always come along the single key so that it is never alone.

LOOP Keyhub attaches your keys onto your handbag or jeans.
Easily part when you need a key separately for anyone else to use.
Unlock you door with only one key in your hand, not a big lump.

If you need a longer and smart strap you can combine with LOOP basic from us.

Get your keys attached!

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 20.5 × 10 × 2.6 cm

Rainbow, Silver, Black, Pink