LOOP carabiner with flex

LOOP logoLOOP is a Swedish designed hook which is big and strong but at the same time gentle to your hands and gear. In company with the flexible strap it can loop around grids, bar or ring. Wherever you like!

Get attached!




Superlight  and especially designed aluminum carabiner hook to reach around larger bars and handles. Hangs and anchors where there is nothing else.
The carabiner is easily attached and detached and is gentle to your gear aswell as to yourself.
The clever strap with loops at each end give you big flexibility.


In leisure time used as a fastener on your backpack, caravan, boat or tent.  

In the stable the haysack hangs in LOOP aswell as reins, halters and buckets.

On the road it anchors your grossery bags in the car which keeps them upright in every roundabout. Fasten your handbag in the bicycle’s basket so that nobody can grab it.

In the utility room, in the wardrobe and in the attic it saves you a lot of floorspace. Hang all your handbags, belts and shoes. Support and hang your tools in the shed or you sportsgear in a smart and neat way.

For the baby to fasten you accessories in the stroller/pram or carseat.



Increase and decrease

The belt has a loop at each end. Each belt is has a carabiner hook attached. 

1. Attach two beside each other to hook together around larger things. 
2. Make it shorter by fastening the strap around one end and the hook back up towards the start position.
3. Loop two straps together to make it longer.
4. Use the carabiner hook without the strap to fasten your keychain or umbrella.
5. Put two hooks on one strap.
6. Stretch the strap from one side to the other to support things to stand up towards the wall.