HITCH 3 in 1- saddlehanger

 Mobile and smart saddle cover, bag & hanger

For a safe transport, protection and storage of your saddle.

Makes no marks – No special tools needed – Nothing is sticking out 

Unlimited possibilities
You can connect your saddle with HITCH 3 in 1  in the car, trailer or stable as well as on the paddockfence.  Just click it on to the boxbars, the fence, in a ring or on a grid. Keep your saddle off the ground!


HITCH 3 in 1 fits most saddles with lots of room for long skirts and saddles with built up pads. Makes it possible for you to hang your saddle where you like with the patented solution and customized carabiner hooks.

Protection + safety
HITCH 3 in 1 protects your saddle from dirt, rain and scratches with its waterrepellant fabric and soft lining. Helps to protect saddles from minor knocks and scuffs during transit aswell as keeping saddles dust free between uses. In “HITCH 3 in 1” your saddle is always safely attached to the neckrest or grids in your car or trailer. 

Make it personal
Give your HITCH 3 in 1 a personal touch with your choice of color theme and embroidery. The smooth fabric with waterrepellent surface is EU-designed to give you the possibility to always protect, carry and hang your saddle.