Everybody wants smart storage

The Swedish horsemagazine “Tidningen Ridsport” looked at HITCH 3 in 1 and put it in with the other smart storage solutions on the market right now. HITCH 3 in 1 is so easy to bring […]

Retailers in Denmark

In Denmark we now have around 30 retailers selling our innovative products. Our distributer is Morten Torup at  JEMO Equine Distribution which you will find here. Soon we will capture the English! Going to BETA […]

Horse exhibition in Denmark

HITCH and LOOP by Northern Well have now crossed the strait to Denmark. The 18 and 19th of january we will attend the Horseexpo in Odense for retailers together with our wholesaler in Denmark. Here […]

Turning International

Northern Well is now getting alot of help from Business Sweden to do the right steps for export Exporting our products has begun! In Swedish you can read more about the project here!

Congrats to the winners of our innovative gear

The Swedish magazine “Ridsport” announces two winners of our innovative gear.The winner of the patented saddlebaghanger HITCH by Northern Well is Monica Kullenberg from Alsen in Sweden. The winner of LOOP by Northern Well is Julianne Devold, Gjerdrum in Norway. […]